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Pricing for each product is found in the drop down box under each product description. Size to order codes are the following: 01 is one gallon, 05 is five gallon, 55 is 55 gallon drum, SDK is a single drum kit (that makes 55 gallons) Please note that with some products, 1 drum makes 2.


Product No. 21068 -
This thicker product is designed to clean the walls, floor, ceiling, hoods and vents of restaurants removing carbonized materials. Also excellent for cleaning burnt on grease found around fryers, ovens, stove tops and exhaust hoods. Most effective when used straight by spraying on with a pump up sprayer but can be used with a hot water pressure washer. Best if rinsed with a hot or steam washer but cold water may be used. This product will have a good performance in Chinese restaurants.  Contains both Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide. Biodegradable

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Product No. 26116 -
This product is designed to cling to hoods, vents and surrounding areas to clean them from grease found in exhaust systems, around fryers, ovens, and stove tops. Hood Cling will hold on to vertical surfaces allowing the chemicals time to work on the baked on grease like is found in Chinese and other type restaurants where carbon stain, grease, oil, tar and burned-on grease is a problem. Apply using a pump up sprayer for best results. Dilution will effect clinging action.  Contains both Sodium Hydroxide & Potassium Hydroxide. Biodegradable.

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Product No. 26110 -
This is a steam cleaner and kitchen degreaser designed to clean stubborn burned-on grease from kitchen and food service equipment, such as hoods, ranges, and ovens.  It performs best when used through a steam cleaner at steam temperatures.  Dilution ranges from 1:10 to 1:100 dependent upon application.  This product has a good performance history in Chinese restaurantsContains Potassium Hydroxide.   USDA approved.

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SMOKE HOUSE CLEANER is a USDA approved steam cleaner and kitchen degreaser designed for use in Bar-B-Q, Chinese, and other type restaurants where carbon stain, grease, oil, tar and burned-on grease is a problem.  Do dilute, as 1 drum makes 2. Dilution rate is 1:100 in hot water pressure washers.  Contains Sodium Hydroxide.

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OVEN & GRILL CLEANER Product No. 26113

This higher viscosity product is designed to cling to vertical surfaces and degrease commercial kitchens.  This product will remove carbon stain, grease, oil, tar, and burnt deposits from most kitchen surfaces.  This product has been found to be very effective in removing stains in Chinese restaurants.  It is the most effective in hot water and rinses free at any temperature. Dilution rate is 1:100 in hot water pressure washers. Contains Potassium Hydroxide

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MIGHTY-GREEN The Green Cleaner
Product No. 22270:  
This Degreaser is Non-Toxic, Non Abrasive, Non-Flammable, Non Corrosive., Biodegradable, Economical and Concentrated. MIGHTY-GREEN is the Green Cleaner that is user friendly but unkind to grease, oil, dirt, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. With a pleasant, deodorizing scent, MIGHTY-GREEN can be used full strength for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing or diluted for any cleaning need from appliances, laundry pre-soak, to glass and mirrors. Note: Be sure to follow dilution rates. With a foaming agent added, this makes a great kitchen cleaner for areas and equipment you are not able to clean with other chemicals. Great for soaking various filters.

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NATURES GREEN APC “Green Formula” Product No. 71162
Our new “Green cleaner” has a wide variety of uses ranging from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty degreaser. It will emulsify heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt, printers ink and carbon deposits. It has excellent cleaning capabilities even at high dilution. It is all natural, Biodegradable, Non Flammable and contains no harsh abrasives. Light duty dilution 1:10, medium duty dilution 1:4 and for heavy duty use undiluted.

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CERAMIC TILE AND GROUT Cleaner Product No. 16922
A specially formulated acid cleaner for use on most kitchen & bathroom fixtures and surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, plastic, tile floors and walls, grout etc. It will remove tough stains including algae, soap scum, rust, hard water stains, oil, grease and oxidation. Use straight on most surfaces or 4-8 oz/gal to clean tile floors.

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DRAIN OPENER Product No. 26112

This is a non-acid drain opener designed to dissolve and liquefy hair, paper, and grease found in commercial drains. This is not for home use. DO NOT use on aluminum, if drain has a strainer, remove prior to use of this product.

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QwicZyme Product No. 25112

This product is designed to use its biological action to break down food wastes, greases, and other organic matter. This product can be added to liquid carpet cleaners in carpet cleaning equipment to breakdown and remove food or pet stains as well as being used in kitchen and bath drains to break down hair, grease and soaps. This product will deprive odor causing bacteria of their food source, thus inhibiting their growth and ability to produce obnoxious odors. Use indoors or out. DO NOT allow to come in contact with food products. Safe for food disposals and septic tank systems.

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